Congress ATOMEXPO 2015

The main topic of the Forum – "Nuclear Power as an Impulse for Socio-Economic Development", is driven by the desire of a growing number of countries to get not only a positive outcome of peaceful atom development in the power industry, but also an impulse for progress in science, education, industry and economy.

The special session will be devoted to a discussion of issues of cooperation with BRICS in the field of nuclear energy.


In the course of the round tables the participants will discuss the following relevant topics:

  • «Effective format and requirements».
  • «Power engineering industry: cooperation within the global market».
  • «Comprehensive solutions on staff training and development of nuclear infrastructure for national nuclear programs».
  • «Global nuclear engineering and interaction with local partners».
  • «NPP operation and maintenance – contemporary approach».
  • «NFC role in the present stage of nuclear power industry development».
  • «Economic efficiency, new technologies for nuclear- and radiation-hazardous facilities decommissioning and for RAW handling as an efficient safety strategy».
  • «Prospective growth areas and new products of the nuclear industry».
  • «Internal control in terms of open information sources».



  • to take part in the dialog of state authorities, expert, scientific and business communities on the issues of development of nuclear power industry worldwide;
  • to better understand the demands and capabilities of the nuclear power industry;
  • demonstrate your own achievements in the nuclear industry;
  • notably expand your business contacts.



  • IAEA member state representatives;
  • senior executives and representatives of the Russian and foreign governmental bodies;
  • representatives of international, governmental and public organizations;
  • managers and experts of the Russian and foreign companies of the nuclear sector, potential partners of the industry;
  • Mass media representatives.


Agneta Rising,
Director General of World Nuclear Association (WNA)


Invited participants:

Sergey Kirienko,
Director General, ROSATOM

Mr Julio de Vido,
Minister of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services of the Argentine Republic

Mr Jacques Regaldo,
President of WANO

Philipp Knoсhe,
CEO and Сhairman, Areva


Mr Attila Aszodi,
Secretary-General of the Government of Hungary


Mr Henri Proglio,
Member of the Board of Directors of Akkuyu Nukleer A.S.


Mr Mikhail Chudakov,
Deputy General Director of IAEA

Takuya Hattori,
President of the Japanese Atomic Industrial Forum